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Who The Hell Is Terran Boylan?

Your Idea Collection Method Man

Independent Filmmaking Dreams

Mr. Excitement

Focus, Clarity, and Epiphanies

Buying a Place in the Bay Area

Ghosts and UFOs


My Work Ethic

D's Weirdness / My Female Friends

Angry Sundays



Time Travel

The 10:13 Phenomenon

Pieces of the Big Puzzle

Hey, Fatso!

Thoughts on the Comic Journal

My Analytical Nature

Why I Write

O Manliness!

Monday Nights at Dugans Deli

Dream Motifs

The Val Air Ballroom

My Ideal Woman

My Ideal Life / In Pursuit of a Personal Philosophy

My Big Book of Fears

Certain Kinds of Americans

Snowfall on 42nd Street: My New York

White Boxes Full of Shit

Mom's Big Move

My Conclusion

All stories copyright (C) 2003, 2004 Terran Boylan