2003 Film Journal

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Back to the Future (1/1/03) DVD (****) Finally got around to watching BTTF on DVD. The bonus features are great and it's wonderful seeing the deleted scenes. I have such an odd love for the BTTF films and having the dvd is wonderful. Such an appropriate start for a new year of movie-watching, huh?

Back to the Future II (1/3/03) DVD (****) Man, it's been a long time since I watched BBTF 2. Still as plot-driven as ever. Sometimes it makes me think about Monster Night.

Chicago (1/4/03) Century 12 (***) Just like going to a big Broadway show! I really enjoyed it. If I have one complaint I suppose it's that there aren't any really likeable characters in the whole story.

Back to the Future III (1/4/03) DVD (****) Finished up the trilogy tonight. Someday I really must study the script structure of BBTF3. The beginning of the third act always seems a little abrupt.

The Mummy (1/9/03) DVD (***1/2) Joyce Fan had another movie night and this was her pick. Surprisingly, half the people there hadn't seen it. It really is a good, fun movie. It's not anything more.

Portrait of Jennie (1/11/03) DVD (***) This is a magical movie, a movie my father told me about many times. I ordered it on DVD from amazon.com and watched it with Mom.

About Schmidt (1/18/03) Century Cinema 16 (***Ĺ) Went with Mom, first time at the theater on Shoreline in awhile, and probably the best movie Iíve seen in awhile. I guess I knew at one point that some of the action took place in Omaha, but mom said his house was just about a block away from where Aunt Dot used to live. A lot of things hit home pretty hard. It was interesting seeing Kathy Bates naked. The characters and situations were really amazingly dead on. A very good movie.

The Big Sleep (1/23/03) Stanford Theater (****) Went with Amy, Phil, and Hannibal. This is, of course, my "favorite" movie. I so wish I could be Humphrey Bogart.

Casablanca (1/23/03) Stanford Theater (****) Second half of a double-bill. Phil and Hannibal took off after "The Big Sleep" and so Amy and I went up and watched Casablanca from the balcony.

Adaptation (1/25/03) CineArts at Palo Alto Square (***) Pretty good, very interesting. Somehow more an intellectual exercise than anything else, ultimately. Wonderful performances, however.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2/1/03) Century Cinema 16 (***) Entertaining, I guess. I thought George Clooney did a good job directing. Lots of visual pyrotechnics.

Minority Report (2/1/03) DVD (***1/2) Much better than I remembered it in the theater. Why is that? Maybe it's because I already knew how the story went.

The Hours (2/2/03) Cinema 12 (***) Remarkable performances, but damn depressing at times.

Forever Young (2/2/03) DVD (***1/2) Just thoroughly enjoyable, even if it's not particularly deep. Elijah Wood really was a pretty good child actor.

The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers (2/9/03) Stanford Theater (**Ĺ) Went to see it with Mom and Grandma. Not really a good movie. Kirk Douglasí first film. Unintentionally funny at times.

Bowling for Columbine (2/12/03) PDI Screening Room (***Ĺ) Really pretty terrific, engaging humor-documentary about gun control. I have to admit that I did feel somewhat sorry for Charlton Heston.

Shanghai Knights (2/16/03) Cinema 12 (***Ĺ) Well, maybe 3 Ĺ stars is pushing it. But it really was thoroughly enjoyable and fun. Went with Mom and Grandma.

The Music Man (2/16/03) ABC (**Ĺ) I really wanted to like this updated version starting Matthew Broderick, you know. But somehow at 3 hours long (including commercials) it just didnít quite do it for me. Sorry.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2/22/03) DVD (***Ĺ) On sale at Fryís. Watched it with Mom and Grandma. I can see why it made so much money. Itís just so thoroughly enjoyable.

Tommy (2/28/03) DVD (**) I'm sorry. I know I should like this damn film -- I bought it because Mom wanted to see it again -- but I was kind of glad when it was over. It reminded me too much of a misguided college film. And I only really like a couple of the songs. Poop!

Lilo and Stitch (3/1/03) DVD (***1/2) Watched it with Mom. Really fun. I would have loved to have been an animator animating Stitch.

About a Boy (3/1/03) DVD (***1/2) Watched it with Mom. First time I'd seen it since seeing it in the theater. In the interim I'd read the book too but it's been awhile.


The Ice Storm (3/8/03) DVD (****) I still have to say that this is, in my view, an almost perfect movie. It's the kind of movie I wish I had written or directed.

The Royal Tannenbaums (3/8/03) DVD (***1/2) I watched this on the day Mom got released from the hospital. She was upstairs recuperating. I thought it would be a good time to watch movies she probably wouldn't be into too much. Man, I love this film! Will I ever make a movie of my own?

Spider-Man (3/9/03) DVD (***1/2) Pretty damn fun.

Moulin Rouge (3/14/03) DVD (***) Watched it at "movie night" with Joyce Fan and Donna Williamson. I enjoyed it a bit more than originally, but I still found it somewhat boring at times.

Man On the Moon (3/15/03) VHS (***) Momís still sick. Iím depressed. Need to watch something meaningless.

Hook (3/15/03) VHS (***) Another one in the "Momís sick" and Iím depressed collection. Emotionally manipulative as hell, but lots of good cries in there, huh?

The Mask (3/16/03) VHS (***) Okay. Mindless. That's what I need right now.

Antz (3/16/03) DVD (***) It's been awhile since I last watched this. I think I've decided to downgrade it's review rating.

The Godfather (3/16/03) VHS (****) Three movies in one day and one of them is a 3-hour movie. Something must be wrong with me. Oh yeah, Mom is still sick.

American Beauty (3/18/03) DVD (***1/2) I stayed home from work and watched American Beauty. I hadn't seen it since it originally came out. I really thought Kevin Spacey's performance was wonderful.

Mumford (3/18/03) VHS (***1/2) I don't know why I like this stupid little film, but I do. This time around I noticed the Lawrence Kasdan reference to "The Lost Ark" which was cute.

Man On the Moon (3/19/03) VHS (***) Mom wanted to watch this so I watched it again with her. On the day of her appt. with Dr. Chung. On the day war began.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (3/20/03) DVD (***1/2) It was either watch this movie or war coverage. Mom and I picked this movie.

Signs (3/22/03) DVD (***) Good. Watched it with Mom.

Hero (3/22/03) DVD (***) Directed by Stephen Frears! I'd forgotten that. I still like this movie but maybe not quite as much as I used to. Why? I dunno. Something about the Andy Garcia character bugs me.

The Pianist (3/29/03) Palo Alto Square (****) Went with Joyce Fan and Donna Williamson. Wow. I don't often give four-star ratings, but I think The Pianist really deserves it. Heart breaking and amazing.

Frequency (3/30/03) DVD (***) Watched it with Mom on a Sunday afternoon. She said it was a little confusing. I thought it was enjoyable, mostly because of the time-travel stuff, not so much because of the murder mystery stuff.

The Kid (3/30/03) TV (***1/2) Okay, so I watched the Wonderful World of Disney. Damn, this movie gets to me. And I'm going to be 40 myself in a year and a half. Geez.

Spirited Away (4/5/03) Century Cinema 16 (***1/2) I finally got to see it. I loved it.

As Good As It Gets (4/6/03) DVD (***1/2) I hadn't watched it for a long time. I watched it with Mom. At first she was pretty anxious about it, especially since it starts with Jack Nicholson shoving a dog down a garbage chute.

Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography (4/8/03) PDI Screening Room (***) Inspiring. Just fucking inspiring. It makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing with my damned life.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (4/11/03) DVD (***) The DVD just came out today -- got it on sale for $14 at Fryís. I miss Fryís. Watched it with Mom as kind of a treat for her.

The Postman Always Rings Twice (4/12/03) Stanford Theater (***) I went with Donna, Joyce, Kevin Rodgers. The film was unintentionally hilarious several times and provided some good laughs. I don't think I've ever seen this film. I think I saw its remake (with Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange) on cable when I was a teenager.

Force of Evil (4/12/03) Stanford Theater (**) Second half of double feature with "The Postman Always Rings Twice." Not so good. Those dirty no-good numbers racketeers!

Sinbad (4/16/03) PDI Screening Room (***) I'm so damned special. I got to see a 75% completed screening of Sinbad. I thought it was pretty damn good, overall. The only thing I'm worried about is that it's another movie aimed at that 14-year-old boy audience that's so tough to crack. I don't know how well it's going to do at the box office, I'm afraid. It was still a marvelously-executed movie. A real roller-coaster of a movie.

Anger Management (4/16/03) Century 12 (***) Not as awful as I thought it was going to be. Ebert & Roeper gave it 2 thumbs down but Mom still wanted to go see it after her chemo.

American Graffiti (4/18/03) DVD (***Ĺ) Great, wonderful film. Often imitated, never duplicated. Watching the DVD I had to notice how dark a lot of the lighting was, though. Yeah, I know it was set at night, but still.

Spy Kids 2 (4/24/03) DVD (***) Watched it while sick. Fairly mindless.

Stuart Little 2 (4/25/03) DVD (***) Watched it while I was sick. Pretty enjoyable. I thought the animation was well done.

Sweet Home Alabama (4/27/03) DVD (**1/2) Almost from the first frame of the fucking movie it looked like it was directed from a cookbook. It represented almost everything about mainstream movies I hate. The whole thing was nothing but one cliche after another.

The Majestic (5/2/03) DVD (***) Capraesque Carey. Watched it with Mom. My heart-strings were plucked at just the right moments. I really wanted to like it more. All the ingredients were there, but stillÖ

Notorious (5/3/03) PBS (***) Donna came over and we popped popcorn and watched it together. Good flick.

A Mighty Wind (5/4/03) Palo Alto Arts (***) I went to see it with Milana and Penny. Man, you know, I really wanted to love this movie. And I feel like it just sort of missed the mark by just a hair. Damn. Still mighty fine, though.

X-Men 2: X-Men United (5/9/03) Century 12 (***1/4) I went with Kevin and Mom. I liked it a lot. It's cool how "normal" everything is played. Also it has a naked blue woman.

X-Men (5/10/03) DVD (***ľ) Yeah, I bought the DVD at Best Buy. Now Mom has a better understanding of what was going on in the second movie.

Identity (5/11/03) Century 12 (***) Pretty entertaining. I did like the twist at the end, I think. Somehow not completely satisfying.

The Matrix (5/17/03) DVD (***) I hadn't watched it since it first came out. With the sequel in theaters I thought I should.

Peggy Sue Got Married (5/17/03) DVD (***) A little uneven. I felt like it lost a lot of opportunities. What's wacky is the movie came out in 1985 (same as BTTF) and it focused on a 25th High School reunion. And I'm looking at my 20-year. Kind of odd.

The Shape of Things (5/18/03) Century 16 (***) Okay, this is a hard movie to watch at times, but it's somehow important to me. Going into the movie I knew what it was about and it sounded like a movie I might have written. So it goes on that list. Hmmm. The list grows. What does it all mean?

Bend it Like Beckham (5/23/03) Aquarius, Palo Alto (***) Went to see it with Donna. The most obvious thing to say would be this is like an Indian version of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" so I'll try not to say that, okay? Okay. I liked it. It was fun. Cute even.

Matrix Reloaded (5/24/03) Century 12 (***) Went to it with Mom. It was pretty good but I think it got a little long. The action sequences were beautiful. It was cool seeing the 101 signs for Whipple and Woodside. That was neat.

Down With Love (5/25/03) Century 12 (***) Hmmm. Another 3-star movie, huh? Anyhow, I liked it. It was cute and I'd recommend it. I am not sure what the take-home message about the "battle of the sexes" was, however. It got kind of muddled somehow.

A Streetcar Named Desire (5/27/03) DVD (****) Watched it with Donna and Joyce on a "movie night" at Joyce's place. Great damned movie. Afterwards we discussed what it was about. I still think it's about the conflict between romanticism and realism.

The Sixth Sense (6/1/03) DVD (****) Ironically I watched this on a day when Mom wasn't making any sense due to an adverse drug interaction.

Finding Nemo (6/7/03) Cinema 12 (****) Went with Mom. Wow o wow. Pixar really outdid themselves. Visually stunning. Theyíre keeping the bar pretty high up.

Finding Nemo (6/17/03) Century 12 (****) Went with Peiying. The movie definitely holds up to repeated viewings. Wonderful film. Just wonderful. It looks posed (as I predicted) to break Shrek's box office record.

Hulk (6/20/03) Century 16 (***) Honestly I found it boring. Just not as good as I was expecting. The editing split-screen pyrotechnics were distracting.

Roman Holiday (6/21/03) Stanford Theater (****) God, what a great movie. So fresh. It makes me want to go to Rome! I went to it with Kevin, Milana, David, and Linda (Milana's sister).

To Kill a Mockingbird (6/21/03) Stanford Theater (****) Second half of the double feature. Milana, David, and Linda split after Roman Holiday. Good damned film, although the point of view gets a little wonky at times.

Spirited Away (6/23/03) DVD (***1/2) I watched it with Mom. I wondered if it was going to be too much for her, but she seemed to enjoy it.

Toy Story 2 (6/27/03) DVD (****) Watched it with Mom. Man, this was really a great, great movie. The scene with Jesse ("When She Loved Me") never fails to bring a tear to my eye. I'm just a big, goofy sap.

Sinbad (6/28/03) Century 12 (***1/2) Went with Mom to family screening of the film on a Saturday morning (9:30am). I had seen the 80% version a couple of months ago, but I really enjoyed it. I just hope to God the movie does well. Ebert and Roeper gave it two thumbs up.

Restoration (6/29/03) DVD (***) Watched it at Randy's place with Randy and Tanya. It was good, but Robert Downey Jr. is not terribly convincing, somehow.

Hero (7/4/03) VCD (***) Watched at Kevin's place. It's a Chinese martial arts movie in the style of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The color schemes were beautiful.

The Italian Job (7/6/03) Century 12 (***) Went with Mom. It was good. Fast-moving. Entertaining caper movie.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (7/6/03) Cinema 12 (***) Solid, enjoyable. Nothing to complain about. I wasn't bored.

Chicken Run (7/11/03) DVD (***Ĺ) Watched it with Mom. The 2nd highest-grossing Dreamworks movie. Man, they did an excellent job.

Pirates of the Caribbean (7/13/03) Century 12 (***1/2) Went with Peiying on our 5th date. It was a really fun movie, even if it should have been cut by 1/2 hour or so.

The Client (7/15/03) Cable (***) Watched it with Mom. Okay movie. I hate commercials, especially loud, obnoxious commercials.

Johnny English (7/18/03) Century 12 (**Ĺ) Went with Peiying -- her choice. Funny at times, nothing spectacular.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (7/19/03) DVD (***1/2) Watched with Mom.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (7/20/03) DVD (***1/2) Watched with Mom.

Austin Powers: Goldmember (7/21/03) DVD (***) Watched with Mom.

Seabisquit (7/25/03) Century 12 (***Ĺ) Went with Peiying. Leisurely but not dull.

The Fisher King (8/1/03) DVD (****) Has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. God, I just love it.

Hair (8/1/03) DVD (***Ĺ) Great fucking movie. Great music.

Swimming Pool (8/2/03) Guild, Menlo Park (***) Went with Peiying. Very European. Lots of nudity. Yay!

Masked and Anonymous (8/3/03) Aquarius Theater (***) I can see why itís getting mixed reviews. I love Bob Dylan and itís just such a fucking treat to see him, like an old friend. I felt unexplainably emotional at times.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape (8/3/03) DVD (***) Pretty damn good. Itís still hard to believe Steven Soderberg was only 26 when he made it. Shit.

Daredevil (8/6/03) DVD (***) Watchable. Thatís about it. Last day of "vacation" before returning to work. First time Iíd been in Blockbuster in a long while. Iím so glad I didnít pay full price for this movie.

Punch Drunk Love (8/6/03) DVD (***) Odd movie. I wanted to like it more than I did, but I didnít, so it gets three stars.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (8/6/03) DVD (***1/2) I bought this awhile back and finally got around to watching it. I watched it with this weird "factoid" mode on. Still a good movie.

Le Divorce (8/9/03) Century 16 (***) I didnít realize it until I was standing in line to buy tickets, but this was a pretty damn gay movie to be going to by myself. It was okay but I had trouble hearing some of the dialogue.

Phone Booth (8/10/03) DVD (***) Surprisingly entertaining.

Kissing Jessica Stein (8/10/03) DVD (***) Another surprising choice for a heterosexual man. Or was it?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (8/15/03) DVD (***) Took the day off from work sick.

Almost Famous (8/15/03) DVD (***Ĺ) Really good movie. It hits me in an unusual way. Maybe itís because Iím under the weather.

The Doors (8/15/03) DVD (***) Good movie. Seemed like a likely follow-up to "Almost Famous," somehow.

Heaven (8/16/03) DVD (***Ĺ) Home sick. Iíd bought the DVD awhile back from Amazon. I havenít watched "Heaven" for a long time. Still holds up, I think. Too bad it didnít have closed captioning. I watched it before going to the airport to pick up Mom.

Galaxy Quest (8/16/03) DVD (***Ĺ) Still sick. Good old standby. Itís re-watchability surprises me.

Curse of the Jade Scorpion (8/16/03) DVD (***) Sick. Not a bad movie. Not great, though. Poor Woody.

Star Trek: Nemesis (8/17/03) DVD (***) Not too bad. Certainly not as bad as I expected. (Still sick, Iím afraid.)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (8/17/03) (***) Yes, the same movie I stood in front of the theater for when I was 16 or 17. Life certainly has changed a lot for me since then.

Dirty Pretty Things (8/19/03) PDI Screening Room (***) Good, interesting movie. Directed by Stephen Frears. I find it's a hard movie to describe, since the plot is so unusual. Very different.

A Tale of Two Cities (8/22/03) Stanford Theater (***) Classic. Dated. Ronald Colman was pretty good, but everybody else was weird.

The Medallion (8/23/03) Century 16 (**1/2) Mom loves Jackie Chan and he can do no wrong. I thought the movie was pretty dumb but okay.

American Splendor (8/24/03) Palo Alto (***1/2) In a way I found it less enjoyable than I expected, but I'm still gonna give it 3-1/2 stars just because. I think maybe my familiarity with the material detracted just a little bit. As Kevin Rodgers said, it was a "near great" movie.

Chicago (8/24/03) DVD (***1/2) Good movie. I think it did deserve to win the Academy Award, you know? Such a good mix between Broadway musical and movie.

Buckaroo Banzai (9/1/03) DVD (***) Momís sick. Iím kinda stuck in the apartment for awhile. You know, Iím not really sure that I understand the climax of this movie, actually.

Hollywood Ending (9/1/03) DVD (***) Watchable, I suppose. Not Woodyís best.

Die Another Day (9/6/03) DVD (***) Watched it with Mom. I bought it at Fryís because it was on sale for $10. Otherwise I probably wouldnít have bought it. In some ways it was better than I expected. In other ways it was sillier.

Thirteen (9/7/03) Guild Theater, Menlo Park (***) Went with Peiying. Hard movie to watch. Fascinating, though.

Robocop (9/7/03) DVD (***) I hadnít watched it in a long while. It still holds up as a good whatever it is that it is.

City Slickers (9/7/03) ABC (***) (Pretty much the same review as Robocop.) I hadnít seen this movie since it first came out, I think. Enjoyable if not too deep.

Hocus Pocus (9/13/03) Disney Channel (**1/2) Watchable. I watched this after getting back from Wine Trip.

Matchstick Men (9/14/03) Century 12 (***1/2) Went with Peiying. Very good, almost great movie. I did suspect the ending "twist" pretty early, though.

This is Spinal Tap (9/14/03) DVD (***) Hadn't watched it in a long time. Does it still hold up? I dunno.

Anything Else (9/18/03) PDI Screening Room (***) This year's movie by Woody Allen. I had heard good things about it but was maybe a little disappointed. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as great as I was hoping. And what was the deal with Christina Ricci's nipples? Not that I'm complaining, mind you. You're a dirty old man, Woody!

Poltergeist (9/20/03) DVD (***) Not nearly as strong a movie as I remembered. Mostly it seemed to be about people running around and screaming a lot.

Matchstick Men (9/20/03) Century 12 (***1/2) Went with Mom even though I'd already seen it with Peiying. Damn good movie. It holds up to a second viewing.

JFK (9/20/03) DVD (***1/2) Watched it with Mom. Afterwards she said it was "very long and very interesting." JFK is one of those movies I keep coming back to and watching about once a year. It really should've won the Oscar for best film.

Poltergeist II (9/21/03) DVD (**1/2) Not unwatchable. Not necessarily the strongest follow-up, but not awful either. It's weird the way the teenage daughter just kind of disappears with no mention.

Lost in Translation (9/27/03) Century 16 (***Ĺ) Good. Haunting. Bill Murray was great.

Poltergeist III (9/27/03) DVD (**) They just keep getting dumber and dumber.

American Splendor (9/30/03) PDI Screening Rm (***1/2) I think I liked it even better the second time, now that I knew what to expect. Oddly uplifting.

Diner (10/4/03) DVD (***) I really hadnít seen this in a long time. For some reason it didnít grab me like it did at one time. I kept wondering if the Billy character was supposed to be gay.

The Commitments (10/4/03) DVD (***Ĺ) Just a wonderful, wonderful movie. Maybe this one deserves to go on my list of movies I wish Iíd made, I dunno. Thereís something about it that really touches me. Itís one of those movies I just have to watch periodically. Definitely a personal favorite.

Portrait of Jenny (10/4/03) DVD (***) Spooky, obvious.

Under the Tuscan Sun (10/5/03) Century 16 (***) Went with Amy. Pretty much exactly what I expected.

Millennium Actress (10/9/03) PDI Screening (***) Beautiful and well done. Interesting. I wasn't exactly bored, but the story didn't grab me near as much as it could have. It may be a cultural thing.

School of Rock (10/11/03) Century 12 (***) Went with Mom. Surprisingly good, considering the movie never really broke out of the safe zone.

The Rundown (10/12/03) Century 12 (***) Went with Mom. Terrific direction and surprisingly good performances all around. The movie was marred only by a very rude family who sat behind us in the theater. Mom ended up having to change her seat because this little punk kept kicking her chair. Things like that really piss me off.

Kill Bill (10/19/03) Century 12 (***) Took Mom. I knew going in what to expect, although it was a lot more violent than I expected. Mom seemed to like it, though, which is cool... I guess.

Raider's of the Lost Ark (10/25/03) DVD (***1/2) Laura gave me an Amazon.com gift certificate and I ordered the Indiana Jones collection. It still holds up pretty damn well.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (10/25/03) DVD (***) Not quite as horrible as I'd remembered. Watching the bonus disc behind-the-scenes material, it was funny because everybody refers to it as "dark" rather than "bleaachh."

Mystic River (10/26/03) Century 12 (***) Went with Amy. Mom was supposed to go but she wasn't feeling up to it. The movie was good but really heavy without a letup.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (10/26/03) DVD (***1/2) Good movie. Pure fun! It's hard to believe it was made in 1988. That seems so long ago and yet it doesn't.

Local Hero (11/1/03) DVD (***1/2) Watched it with Mom. I have this movie on my list of "Movies I Wish I'd Made." It still has a special something going on there, even though I didn't feel it as much as I had in the past.

Sylvia (11/2/03) Aquarius Theater, Palo Alto (***) Okay, but I don't know if I could recommend it. Having recently read "The Bell Jar," I was expecting more insight into Sylvia Plath's life. Something vital was definitely missing, and the movie lapsed into melodrama a bit too much for my tastes.

Elf (11/9/03) Century 12 (***1/2) Far better than I thought it would be, even though it got good reviews. This movie could have been terrible and somehow it just all worked, corniness and all.

Finding Nemo (11/9/03) DVD (****) Just freakin' brilliant. Gorgeous from first frame to last.

The Lion King (11/11/03) DVD (***1/2) Excellent movie with all the right beats in all the right places, marred only by the new song they added.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (11/15/03) DVD (***1/2) Just an all-around good, interesting film. The only complaint I would have is that it feels like a book that's been adapted and there are a few elements (the Transvestite, for instance) that seem thrown in and don't really contribute to the story.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (11/25/03) DVD (***1/2) Good but long.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (11/27/03) DVD (***1/2) Good but long. Not quite as satisfying as the first one, I'm afraid. I don't know why exactly other than to say it wasn't as endearing.

The Missing (11/29/03) Century 12 (***) Went with Amy. The movie was okay and reminded me of The Searchers. It was wrecked, however by three chatting women who sat behind us. I asked them to keep it down a couple of times but they didn't. At the end of the movie I told them it was very rude and the woman who was apparently the ringleader said, "My friends and I have things to say to each other."

Hair (11/29/03) DVD (***1/2) Watched with Mom. Great freakin' movie. The music is still stuck in my head.

The Matrix: Revolutions (11/30/03) Century 12 (***) I had minimal expectations going in. It was an okay conclusion to the whole saga, I suppose. I got my money's worth and wasn't too bored.

X-2 (11/30/03) DVD (***1/2) Really good follow-up to X-Men.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (12/18/03) DVD (***1/2) Watched with Mom on a day when I stayed home with her because she was sick and weak. Actually, I slept through about half of it.

Spider-Man (12/18/03) DVD (***1/2) Watched with Mom while she's sick.

Harry Potter and the Sorcererís Stone (12/20/03) DVD (***Ĺ) Watched it with Mom. She may be doing a little better.

In America (12/21/03) Century 16 (***) Went with Amy. This was the first day in a long time when Mom has been well enough for me to leave her alone for a few hours. The movie was good and not spoiled by chatting older women like The Missing. I did have a hard time hearing some of the "crucial" dialogue, however.

Mystery Men (12/23/03) DVD (***Ĺ) Watched with Mom. I donít know why I like this quirky superhero movie, but I still do.

Somethingís Gotta Give (12/24/03) Century 12 (***) I guess I was expecting more. It wasnít too bad, though, but I feel like it could have been much better. The third act seemed to meander a bit.

Bruce Almighty (12/29/03) DVD (***) I went to Fryís this morning and bought it. I wanted to try to find something Mom would like. We watched it together and I think it took her mind off things, but sheís still so weak.

Grease (12/31/03) DVD (***) Watched it with Mom.