2000 Film Journal

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Keeping the Faith (Century Cinema 16) 4/23/00 (***1/2) I liked this better than I expected to. I was surprisingly moved by the religious tolerance theme that runs through the film. One negative: I thought Jenna Elfmanís character came off a little weird in her first few scenes. That could have been handled better.

Frequency (Century Cinema 16) 4/29/00 (***) I went in not expecting too much. I wasnít expecting the murder mystery aspect of it. It was nice and enjoyable.

Radio Days (Video) 5/1/00 (***1/2) Hadnít watched this one in awhile. One thing I notice in watching it now is that the design isnít quite as wonderful and magnificent as I remembered. Also, the acting is a little weak in spots. This is still up there as one of my sentimental favorites.

Jaws (TV) 5/6/00 (****) Special ABC edition including re-added scenes and mini-interviews. I think this movie still holds up pretty well after all this time.

Blue Velvet (Video) 5/12/00 (***1/2) One of my "favorite movies of all time," I hadnít seen this in a long time. One of the things that really struck me in watching it is the lighting. I donít know why. I wonder how much of it was planned and how much was accidental. I ought to talk to Laura about that sometime.

Small Time Crooks (Century Cinema 16) 5/17/00 (***) Woody Allenís latest. Okay, I guess.

The Straight Story (Video) 5/19/00 (***1/2) A G-rated Disney movie directed by David Lynch. Who wouldía thought? It was very strange and slow moving, but I liked it!

The Last Boy Scout (WB) 5/20/00 (**1/2) Dumb and predictable, but enjoyable.

Dinosaur (Century Cinema 16) 5/21/00 (**1/2) Cool CG, boring story.

Summer of Sam (Video) 5/22/00 (***) Good, but an awful lot of swearing and violence.

Dogma (Video) 5/24/00 (***) Good, but a bit wordy. Probably my favorite Kevin Smith movie so far.

Shanghai Noon (AMC 16 Ė Great America) 5/27/00 (***) Lots of fun, especially on a huge screen seen from the 2nd row.

Mission Impossible (Century Cinema 16) 5/29/00 (*1/2) What a fucking waste of time on a 3-day weekend. I got bored.

Fearless (DVD) 5/31/00 (***) Directed by Peter Weir. Boy I like his directing story. I like this movie because itís about something.

True Stories (DVD) 6/1/00 (**1/2) Watching this for the first time in a long while, I remembered liking it more. Now it just seems kind of quirky. Pam and Tony called in the middle of it and it was nice to talk to them. The funny thing is, I was just thinking about them a few minutes before they called. Pamís gained 23 pounds so far in her pregnancy, and the baby has started to kick. I told her I thought it was going to be a girl.

JFK (Video) 6/3/00 (***1/2) I canít believe JFK came out in 1991 Ė 9 years ago. I still think it should have won best picture of the year. I canít remember what it lost to.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (DVD) 6/6/00 (***) I hadnít seen this for a long time. The story is actually stranger than I remembered it. Itís sort of a series of episodes instead of one continuous story. I guess the point is itís more of a character study than anything.

Forrest Gump (Video) 6/14/00 (****)

Shakespeare in Love (DVD) 6/15/00 (****)

Antz (DVD) 6/16/00 (***)

Tarzan (DVD) 6/18/00 (***1/2)

Titan AE (Century Cinema 16) 6/20/00 (**1/2) Uneven as hell but I didnít get bored. Was ĎAkimaí named after the spline?

The Flash (Video) 6/22/00 (**1/2) The 1990 (or so) pilot for the short-lived TV series. The biker gang thing was just stupid. A guilty pleasure.

Chicken Run (Century Cinema 16) 6/24/00 (***) Jolly good show! The animation quality was really excellent.

Hanging Up (DVD) 7/2/00 (***) Most of the reviews I heard kinda trashed this movie. I thought it was good.

Fight Club (DVD) 7/2/00 (**1/2) Lots oí testosterone. I read the book and found the movie to be just like the book. It was interesting, I guess.

Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (Century Cinema 16) 7/3/00 (**1/2) It wasnít too bad, but it was pretty stupid. Also, the animation wasnít too hot. Once again, stylization makes it hard to care about the characters.

Chicken Run (Century Cinema 16) 7/4/00 (***1/2) Yes, I went and saw it again, this time with Tanya. I enjoyed it even more the second time!

Being There (Video) 7/7/00 (****) One of my favorite movies of all time. I think the ending is absolutely one of the best movie endings ever!

Longitude (A&E) 7/9/00 (***) Jeremy Irons stars in this 4-hour time-hopping TV movie about the man who invented the first sea clock and the man whoís obsessed with it.

Bananas (DVD) 7/12/00 (***) I hadnít seen this in a long, long time. I think I like the song at the end almost more than the movie itself.

Ed TV (DVD) 7/13/00 (***) I didnít expect too much from this, but it was more entertaining than I thought it would be.

Scary Movie (Century Cinema 16) 7/15/00 (***) I thought it was a pretty funny and entertaining spoof. I was surprised by some of the penis jokes, though.

The Sweet and Lowdown (Video) 7/15/00 (***) I was really touched by this Woody Allen movie about a jazz guitarist who likes to shoot rats and watch trains. I found the ending especially touching.

The X-Men (Century Cinema 16) 7/16/00 (***) Oh, hell. It seems like Iím giving *** ratings to every movie I see. Oh, well. How can I describe it? It was true to the comics and I guess I enjoyed that. I actually liked the fact it took awhile to introduce all the characters. I liked the scenes at the school and wish theyíd spent more time there. Something was missing overall, though, but I donít know what it was.

Frances (AMC) 7/17/00 (**1/2) I watched it Ďcuz Iíve never seen it before and it got **** in the TV Guide. I thought it was kind of slow and depressing.

National Lampoonís Family Vacation (FAM) 7/18/00 (**1/2) It has been a long time since I saw this, if in fact I ever really saw it. It was enjoyable enough, I suppose.

What Lies Beneath (Century Cinema 16) 7/20/00 (**) Another free PDI screening, and a real disappointment from Bob Zemeckis. His tribute (I guess) to Alfred Hitchcock just didnít work for me.

Disneyís The Kid (Century Cinema 16) 7/22/00 (***1/2) I guess I just thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I found it funny and very touching. I really identified with the main character a lot. Too much, Iím afraid.

X-Men (Century Cinema 16) 7/23/00 (***) Okay, so I went to see it a second time. So shoot me.

Nashville (Video) 7/27/00 (**1/2)

Men in Black (Video) 7/27/00 (***)

The Right Stuff (Video) 7/28/00 (****)

Lady Sings the Blues (Video) 7/29/00 (***) Kind of depressing, but interesting. And the music was great.

The Right Stuff (Video) 7/30/00 (****)

The Curse of the Demon (AMC) 8/4/00 (***)

Colossus of New York (AMC) 8/4/00 (**) Iím sure they mustíve done this one on MST3K. It was goofy and relatively short (70min), so I watched it.

Quarantine (TV-ABC) 8/5/00 (**1/2) Another lonely weekend. I donít know why I started watching this, and it stretched believability several times, but it was actually fairly watchable. I thought it was kind of cute to have a "cliffhanger" at the 1-hour break where the president is deciding whether or not to shoot down a planeload of kids.

Hollow Man (Century Cinema 16) 8/6/00 (**1/2) I went to this primarily for the effects, and they were absolutely amazing. My favorite had to be the re-visibilitation of the gorilla, which occurs early on in the movie. It was directed by Paul Verhoeven, and he really made a point of exploring the deviant sexual possibilities of being invisible. There was actually quite a bit of sex and implied sex in the movie.

Deliberate Intent (TV-FX) 8/6/00 (**1/2) This movie is FXís first made for TV movie. It starred Timothy Hutton and the story revolves around whether or not the publisher of a how-to book for assassins should be protected under the first amendment. Watchable.

Ordinary People (Video) 8/7/00 (****) I know itís kind of depressing and I really shouldnít be watching something like that right now, but it did in a way seem to help. I didnít realize until I started watching it that it was the second Timothy Hutton movie in as many days. How often does that happen, huh?

The Man in the White Suit (Video) 8/8/00 (***) Sir Alec Guiness just died and so I thought it would be appropriate to watch one of his movies. Besides it was one Tanya never showed much interest in watching.

The Lavender Hill Mob (Video) 8/9/00 (***) The second in my memorial Sir Alec Guiness series.

Space Cowboys (Century Cinema 16) 8/12/00 (***) Pretty enjoyable. I like movies about the space program and enjoyed this one. It was nice seeing Donald Sutherland in a movie again.

The Commitments (Video) 8/12/00 (***1/2) I really love this movie. Iíd forgotten it was directed by Alan Parker, who directed Pink Floyd: The Wall and Evita. It really made me miss the good olí Grand Avenue Lounge.

Wait Until Dark (Video) 8/21/00 (***) I hadnít seen this in years, if ever. It worked really well as a thriller that was obviously based on a play. Alan Arkin was terrific as the cold-blooded Mr. Roat.

My Dog Skip (DVD) 8/24/00 (***1/2) Pretty darn heart-wrenching. Itís a G-rated movie, and sometimes things started to feel like I was watching a Disney film, but I really enjoyed it and it definitely got me to thinking about my childhood and my dog Pickles.

When a Man Loves a Woman (Video) 8/30/00 (***1/2) Remarkably real movie about alcoholism. I was surprised that it was co-written by Al Franken. I just watched it and feel kind of emotionally raw right now. Itís just been that kind of a day.

Taps (Video) 9/1/00 (***1/2) I hadnít seen this in years. Taps was one of the movies I remember being on cable TV constantly in the early days of cable. I have to say I really like Timothy Hutton.

Nurse Betty (Century Cinema 16) 9/10/00 (**1/2) Kind of an uneven movie. I really like Renee Zellweiger and Morgan Freeman. The movie managed to genuinely surprise me a few times.

The Last Tycoon (AMC) 9/14/00 (***)

Almost Famous (Century Cinema 16) 9/16/00 (***1/2) Loved it. I missed out on the free PDI screening, but went to it on my own. I really enjoyed the music.

The Silver Thread (AMC) 9/20/00 (**1/2) Sidney Poitier & Anne Bancroft star in this movie about a woman committing suicide and the suicide hotline volunteer that tries to help her.

The Exorcist (Century Cinema 16) 9/23/00 (***) I was surprised how well this 1973 film held up in re-release.

Duets (Century Cinema 16) 9/24/00 (**1/2) Okay, okay, so this is a very lightweight film. But I still found myself enjoying it more than I should have. Maybe it was because I had such low expectations.

Any Given Sunday (Video) 9/29/00 (***)

28 Days (Video) 9/29/00 (***)

Remember the Titans (Century Cinema 16) 9/30/00 (***1/2)

The Godfather (Video) 10/3/00 (****)

The Godfather Part II (Video) 10/6/00 (****)

Godspell (DVD) 10/7/00 (****)

The Contender (PDI/Dreamworks Screening -- Century Cinema 16) 10/12/00 (***)

The Graduate (Video) 10/18/00 (***1/2)

Stairway to Heaven (A Matter of Life and Death) (Video) 10/20/00 (***1/2)

Pay it Forward (Century Cinema 16) 10/22/00 (***)

The Hunt for Red October (Video) 10/24/00 (***)

The Adventures of Robin Hood (Video) 10/25/00 (***) Jolly Ho!

Doctor T and the Women (Century Cinema 16) 10/25/00 (***) Farrah Fawcett Nekkid!

Notting Hill (DVD) 10/26/00 (**1/2) Hugh Grant hems and haws through the entire movie.

The Story of Us (DVD) 10/26/00 (**) People screaming at each other. Who the fuck needs that?

The Legend of Drunken Master (Century Cinema 16) 10/29/00 (***)

Guess Whoís Coming to Dinner (Video) 10/29/00 (****) God I love this movie! It makes me want to rent more Tracey/Hepburn films!!

The Lilies of the Field (Video) 11/1/00 (**1/2) I just plain never got into this movie, which stars Sidney Poitier as a guy who helps some German nuns build a church.

The Legend of Bagger Vance (PDI/Dreamworks Screening Ė Century Cinema 16) 11/2/00 (**1/2) I thought this movie got off to a clunky start and never fully recovered. I didnít really care about the characters and found the Zen philosophy stuff to be over the top.

Witness for the Prosecution (Video) 11/4/00 (****) Wow! What a great courtroom movie.

Charlieís Angels (Century Cinema 16) 11/5/00 (**1/2) Dumb, but it still managed to capture the jiggle aspect of the show nicely.

The Hurricane (Video) 11/10/00 (***) Pretty darn good. I like the Bob Dylan song a lot.

American Psycho (Video) 11/11/00 (**1/2) Dark and annoying.

Red Planet (Century Cinema 16) 11/12/00 (**1/2) Well, I wanted to see a movie and nothing else was really playing. I didnít have real high expectations and it was slightly better than I expected.

The Sixth Day (Century Cinema 16) 11/19/00 (***) On one hand it was just another Sci-Fi shoot-em-up Arnold Swarzenegger movie, but it was well done and engaging enough to keep my interest.

The Cider House Rules (Video) 11/20/00 (***1/2) Iím in the middle or re-reading the book and I just couldnít help but rent the movie so I could see it again. I really love it.

Unbreakable (Century Cinema 16) 11/24/00 (***) A little disappointing compared to The Sixth Sense, but why should I be complaining. This is the kind of superhero story I might have written.

The Night of the Iguana (Video) 11/24/00 (***) Tennessee Williamsí writing is (was) so damn good. His characters are interesting and they play off each other so nicely. Richard Burton was pretty good as the preacher at the end of his rope.

Dazed and Confused (Video) 11/25/00 (***1/2)

Bounce (Century Cinema 16) 12/3/00 (***)

Little Man Tate (Video) 12/3/00 (***1/2)

Vertical Limit (Century Cinema 16) 12/10/00 (***) Action-packed. Kinda stupid writing, but some real thrills.

Brazil (Video) 12/15/00 (***1/2) Used to be my favorite movie. Itís not quite up there for me anymore.

Angelaís Ashes (Video) 12/20/00 (***) Good, but depressing.

Cast Away (Century Cinema 16) 12/21/00 (***) A little on the long side. A free PDI screening, I went with Josephine.