1996 Film Journal

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12 Monkeys (Ames Theater) 1/6/96 () I was pretty disappointed all the way around. On top of that, the theater was freezing cold! Itís been 4 years since The Fisher King came out. Too bad.

Mask (Video) 1/11/96 () I watched this lying in bed, too tired to sleep. Mask is better than I expected. Tanya said that it used to be one of her favorite movies but now it just annoys her.

My Girl 2 (Video) 1/12/96 () Pretty likeable sequel to My Girl. Not much else to say. I think Iíve been watching too many movies lately.

Frankenstein Unbound (Video) 1/12/96 () Directed by Roger Corman, this film wasnít as horrible as Iíd expected. Sure, it was badly written, but it wasnít unwatchable. Frankenstein meets Back to the Future, definitely. It got a little weird at the end, too. "Meet my monster." "I amÖ unbound."

Young Guns (Video) 1/14/96 () Tanya couldnít believe that Iíd never seen Young Guns before. "Do you only watch bad movies or movies nobodyís ever heard of?" The movie was okay but not that great. It was well done but I didnít really get into it that much.