1995 Film Journal

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Purple Rain (Video) 8/11/95 () I think I probably talked during this movie too much. I sort of regret that, but to be honest this movie really deserved it. Man, I miss MST3K! The weirdest thing was seeing the "When Doves Cry" video in the middle of the film. Whenever I saw that video on MTV Iíd always assumed that it was edited from scenes in the movie.

Life Is Sweet (Video) 8/12/95 () We rented this at the Blockbuster in Des Moines and watched it with Pam, and Tony. Pam and Tanya picked it out. This was a weird movie. The text on the box was pretty misleading. Today we went to the Iowa State Fair. Man was it hot! This evening we went to La Pizza House and to Java Joeís for ice coffee.

Something to Talk About (Century 3) 8/13/95 () I ended up going to this movie alone while Tanya took a nap. In three days weíre going to Amsterdam! This was a pretty good movie. I wish Tanya had come with me. I think she would have liked it a lot.

History of the World Part I (Video) 8/25/95 () Tanya and I are back from Amsterdam and weíre both pretty beat. Weíve been up since 2am CST. The last time I saw this movie I was 18, I think. It was played constantly in the early days of cable TV.

Desperado (Century 3) 8/26/95 () Directed by Roberto Rodriguez, this is one of the best movies Iíve seen this year! I donít think Tanya would appreciate the level of violence. It seems a lot like a John Woo film. I think Robert Coshland would like it.

The Marathon Man (Video) 8/26/95 () I was just plain too tired to stay awake. I crashed about 8pm. I ended up waking up at 7am and watching the rest. Then Tanya and I watched cartoons.

Henry and June (Video) 8/27/95 () I watched the first part of this movie with closed captioning on. It really helps. I donít think Tanyaís too crazy about the captioning, though. We finished watching it after taking Tim and Virginia to dinner at the Garden Café. I love the ending. The image of Henry Miller on the bike is wonderful! I really want to get a copy of Tropic of Cancer!

Blazing Saddles (Video) 8/28/95 () I donít think Iíve ever watched this movie all the way through before. Iíve only ever seen bits and pieces. Itís a pretty good movie for what it is.

Star Wars (Video) 9/1/95 ()

The Empire Strikes Back (Video) 9/1/95 ()

The Return of the Jedi (Video) 9/1/95 () Yes, Tanya and I bought the boxed set of the three Star Wars movies for $37 at Suncoast. It turns out we couldíve bought it at Wal-Mart for $30. Oh, well. It was fun watching it all again. Itís amazing what they were able to do with an optical printer.

A Walk in the Clouds (River Hills, DSM) 9/2/95 () This was a pretty cute movie. Tony called it a "true romantic comedy." I wish I knew what the word is that describes the style. Not really magical realism. Itís romantic in the sense that itís not realistic and things play out in a very story-like way.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Video) 9/4/95 () After a long day of working in the basement, Tanya and I were pretty pooped. Given a choice of this and several older movies (Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, etc.), Tanya chose Baron.

Steel Magnolias (Video) 9/9/95 () This is the first time Tanya and I have seen this movie since the night I proposed. Itís a pretty damn good movie, even if all the men in the movie are idiots. Audrey interrupted a few times. I watched the movie with closed captioning on. It helped a lot.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (Century 3) 9/10/95 () We went to see this movie with Kelly and Scott. It was a delightful movie. Tanya loved it. Patrick Swayze did a great job, but I have to wonder why Wesley Snipes got top billing.

Only the Lonely (CBS) 9/10/95 () This is a pretty cute movie. Chris Columbus actually did a good job of directing. I wish heíd make more movies like this and fewer like Home Alone.

Backbeat (Video) 9/12/95 () It was fun going back in time and walking alongside the Beatles during their early days. Iíve been listening to The Monkees at work!

Them! (Video) 9/13/95 () This was really surprisingly good!

The Blob (Video) 9/13/95 () This was really surprisingly lame!

Waterworld (Century 3) 9/17/95 () I liked the Universal logo opening. I was kind of surprised that the movie didnít suck more than it did. I was expecting a $200 million dollar flop. The story did have some huge plot holes, but I expected worse.

Ed Wood (Video) 9/22/95 () The last time I saw this was with Laura. Tanya had kind of mixed feelings about it. It didnít enjoy it as much on video as I did in the theater.

Gigi (Video) 9/22/95 () This is a weird movie and would be an interesting film to analyze from a feminist perspective. Some pretty strange things going on in Paris in 1900, huh? The title character is basically raised to be a mistress, and it seems condoned by all. Itís last minute nod to marriage and respectability was pretty goofy.

Seven (Century 3) 9/24/95 () Linda McGrew was in town with her sister Sherry. I suggested we go see a 2pm matinee. Tanya really liked it. She thought it was intense. I thought it was pretty intense too. It had a great directing style and I love the title sequence.

Reservoir Dogs (Video) 9/24/95 () Tanya and I drove all over town trying to buy or rent Pulp Fiction with no success. Movies to Go had Reservoir Dogs in. Tanya only half-watched it with closed captioning on. It sort of detracted from the whole effect.

Pulp Fiction (Video) 9/29/95 () We watched Pulp Fiction with the closed captioning on. It was pretty damn good. This is the fourth time Iíve watched it. Tanya wants to get a copy when itís for sale.

The Greatest Show on Earth (Video) 9/30/95 () This is one weird movie. Itís hard to believe it won the Oscar for best picture. There are parts that seemed like a documentary. Parts seemed like a weird commercial for Barnum and Bailey. Jimmy Stewart as the clown was really bizarre. I bought a book this weekend called Alternate Oscars. I wonder what it has to say about this movie.