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Bang #5 Open and Title Sequence

“Celebrity Clock Radios will not be seen tonight…” Here’s the opening for the Bang! Old-Fashioned 3-Dimensional Christmas Special (1989):

Bang! #3 — Spin O’Hara

From the 3rd Episode of Bang! (1988), here’s futuristic DJ (and digital puppet) Spin O’Hara, featuring a glimpse into the FUTURE. At nearly 10 minutes, this clip’s as long as they’re gonna get:

Bang! #4 End Credits

For Valentine’s Day, here are the end credits for Bang! Episode #4 (1989), which includes Super 8mm film shot in Morocco, including my late grandmother riding a camel! (I appear on said camel briefly as well):

Bang! #3 — Dorky Dog Talks

For Bang! Episode #3 (1988), realtime digital puppet Dorky Dog’s lip-sync adventures continued, providing some insight into his life and a rant against yours truly. Voice provided by Bang!’s resident voice artist, Scott Koepke.

Bang #2 — Dorky Dog Sings!

For Bang! Episode #2 (circa 1988), I taught realtime digital puppet Dorky Dog a new trick: A limited form of lip-sync!

Bang! #1 Opening and Title Sequence

The very first image of the first episode of Bang! (circa 1988) was me walking on a beach in California, smoking a cigarette.

Bang! #2 — Painting With Pam

The “Painting With Pam” segment from Bang! Episode #2, circa 1988:

Bang #6 Open with Ed Asner

Ed Asner was visiting ISU and I got him to do a promo, which became the opener for the unaired (“lost”) episode #6 of Bang!:

Ed Johanssen #4 of 4

Here’s the 4th and final appearance of Ed Johanssen from the 6th (“lost”) episode of Bang!, circa 1990:

Ed Johanssen #3 of 4

Here’s Ed Johanssen’s 3rd appearance on the 5th episode of my TV show Bang!, circa 1989: