Modern Family, Season 6

Modern Family, Season 6 (5/20/15) ABC (2014-15 ***) Series created by Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, starring Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell and others. 24 episodes, originally aired 9/24/14 – 5/20/15. The Los Angeles-set adventures of an extended 3-household family continue unabated. The sixth season began with Cameron and Mitchell’s honeymoon and ended with Alex’s high school graduation. In-between, the Dunphy’s learned that even the best neighborhood can be ruined by neighbors, Haley developed feelings for Andy (Jay and Gloria’s nanny), Haley celebrated her 21st birthday, and Phil and Claire role-played the fuck out of Valentine’s Day. This season also included a concept episode called “Connection Lost,” which took place entirely in the cyberspace of the extended family’s iPhones and iPads. Beyond that, I don’t recall any particular highlights of the season, but that’s not unusual for a sit-com that’s been on the air six years. Considering how strongly the series began, it’s only natural that there should come a point where it begins to run on auto-pilot, and I think this was that season for Modern Family.

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