It Happened on 5th Avenue

It Happened on 5th Avenue (12/24/14) TCM (1947 ***) Directed by Roy Del Ruth, starring Victor Moore, Don DeFore, Gale Storm, Charles Ruggles and Ann Harding. A homeless man squatting for the winter in a Manhattan mansion decides to share his secret residence, with unexpected results. This credulity-stretching film was presented as part of TCM’s lesser-known Christmas classics. And when I say it pulled at the seams of believability, I don’t mean that it contained fairies or magical beings, but that the situation (a rich man living in his own home, pretending to be a bum and taking a lot of shit from a vagrant) just never could have happened. Still, it’s a pleasant enough film, and it certainly had plenty to say about taking care of the less fortunate members of our society. There are far worse films one might watch during their winter holiday.

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