Vampire Loves

Vampire Loves (11/21/12) Comics (2006 ***1/2) Written and illustrated by Joann Sfar, translation by Audre Jardel. Ferdinand the sensitive vampire deals with the neurotic trials and tribulations of the supernatural dating scene. At a time when angsty teen vampires seem to be everywhere, Joann Sfar offers a brutally honest and funny look at what it takes to find love. It took me back to my own dating efforts back in my 20s and 30s, when it seemed impossible to find a woman interested in me that didn’t also suffer from some kind of deeply-rooted psychological defect. My only real complaint about this volume was that Sfar’s narrative approach (described on the inside back cover as his “unique rambling brand of storytelling”) meant that sometimes interesting characters and situations were introduced (like the redheaded vampire sisters Aspirine and Ritaline), then cast aside for long stretches, possibly indefinitely. Still, I’m very thankful to my friend Leticia Silva for introducing me to Sfar and his comic book universe.

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  1. 1 leticia

    i am so glad u like sfars narratives as i do!

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