Ultimate Fantastic Four, Vol. 09: Silver Surfer

Ultimate Fantastic Four, Vol. 9: Silver Surfer (8/13/12) Comics (2007 ***) Written by Mike Carey, illustrated by Pasqual Ferry. Originally published in Ultimate Fantastic Four #42-46. With all these interruptions, will Reed Richards ever finish his “cosmic cube?” In his attempt to power it via a randomly-selected pan-dimensional star (which is bad science if you ask me), his “star” turns out to be a muscular, chrome-plated — you might even call him “silvery” — surfer named Norrin Radd. This introduction of one of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s most popular creations into the Ultimate universe started out strong, but then the story took a strange turn into an “Alice and Wonderland” dreamscape and it lost much of its momentum. I was also more than a little puzzled by the absence of a certain planet-gobbling colossus with an awesome magenta helmet.

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  1. 1 delilah

    i like the silver surfer but this review didnot encourage me to read this publication.

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